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Thank you for choosing KM Curbside Grooming for your pet's grooming needs.   KM Curbside Grooming  offers top of the line products combined with efficient grooming techniques to give your pet the  best possible experience.  All pets receive a completely customizable grooming plan tailored to their specific needs.  No two pets are the same, even if they live in the same household.  All pets are treated like family and receive personalized care and attention.  

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Upcoming News and Events

5/27/22: June schedule was released today.  In an effort to give my clients more notice of their upcoming appointments, I'm changing the way I schedule.  Going forward, I will release the date of your next groom (hopefully when I return your dog to you at your current appointment).  The approximate arrival window will take some time and will be released 7 days prior to your schedule appointment.  As a reminder, your appointments are sent through my scheduling software.  For any changes please reach out to me directly, texting is best (843) 826-2582.

5/22/22: Clients; I am in Florida to become a Pet Tech First Aid and CPR Instructor.  All messages will be returned once I get home.